Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Could It Possibly Go?

I'm reading "Swoon" by Nina Malkins and a lingering question is floating around in my mind - exactly what will the author do with the plot behind the story? After 30-35 pages in (and the book description) this is what I know. The main girl Dice falls in love with a MALE ghost who possesses the body of her FEMALE cousin Pen. How the heck will that work? I'm almost hestitant to move on. Different strokes for different folks but if there's going going to be kissing, I like to read it with the heroine and the very hot and sexy hero. I just can't get my mind around the logistics of it? Does she fall in love with no touching? Just how weird am I willing to read - Talking to the man you love whose words are coming out in the voice of your cousin. You couldn't possibly look at her because you wouldn't see him no matter how much you squint or cross your eyes. Can't kiss because you'd be kissing family (ewww double ewww) and as for groping - I don't even want to imagine that. So where could it possibly go? I'm almost to scared to find out.