Monday, June 14, 2010

What A Whirlwind !!

Finally I've been able to wrestle the portable modem from my husband long enough to come on here and update. As each day crept by more and more books have been piling up on my desk, waiting for me to review them. I've read two AMAZING series since I was last on here - the Fever series by Karen Moning and the Masters of Time series by Brenda Joyce. Both are deliciously juicy with their alpha males and I have loved every minute spent reading them. So I can't be too mad at the husband - he's had to compete for my attention with handsome Fae/mysteriously unknowns and sexy time traveling Highlanders. I've just put up the review for the Fever series and am half way through with the Masters.

Just FYI - I haven't forgotten (trust me it's on my list) but I will be updating my sexiest men and bad boy lists. Heartbreaker Vance Mangum finally makes his appearance as an irresistible bad boy (he was on my list and then who know what happened but TRUST ME he's at the TOP) and sexy as heck Jericho Barrons and Ian MacClean make it to the sexiest men page. I'll be updating the quotes and I've been kicking around some ideas for the Death Match page. So please stick around, come back, enjoy and thanks for being patient :)

Happy reading