Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Still Here

What an amazing couple of days. I know it's been a while since I've been on here but you know how it is - when you become engrossed in a book, the rest of the world falls away. This weekend I re read my Tairen Soul series by CL Wilson and I was lucky if I stopped to eat. I mean it was walking to the bathroom with my nose stuck in the book and hoping that things ended up where they were meant to. Now that I'm done with the series (until October when the final book in the series is released) I'll be sure to review all the books. I'm telling you ... the books are breathtaking.
Another pleasant distraction was I spent this whole weekend with my latest obsession - Prince Dastan from the Prince of Persia movie. WOW!! That movie was REALLY REALLY awesome (hence the fact that I've seen it 3 times and plan on going the 4th time on Wednesday) The story was excellent, the stunts were mind blowing and of course Jake Gyllenhaal was down right illegal!! No man should EVER look that good. I'm a sucker for long dark hair and I seriously spent the whole movie (each time) sighing and mopping up drool. It was hard trying to juggle both watching movies and reading but I managed it (I read driving to the theater, took my book in and read until the lights went out and then read all the way home) It's been a really fun weekend and I look forward to getting back on here and updating alot of things so keep coming back :) And now for your visual pleasure I present to you ... Prince Dastan

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