Saturday, June 26, 2010

Have I Taken A Step Back Into The Cave?

I've had this thought in the back of my mind for some time now and after just finishing one of my favorite Highlander books (yum) that thought is now screaming to be acknowledged. I don't know about you, but I was bought up that women can take care of themselves and men are something that are wanted, not needed. I was surrounded by whispers that the men to avoid when looking for relationships were those that appeared controlling, over powering and domineering. You know, the men who take one look at you, beat their hands against their chests saying "You are mine woman. Now let me drag you back to my cave." We're enlightened right? There's no need for that kind of man now and men better wake up and realize that times have changed. Right? So why do I find myself, after reading romance novels like those with Highlanders, sighing with the deepest wish of a man who will grab me by the hair and drag me back to his cave ? (well not literally, but you get my meaning) .
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A man who appears to all as barbaric and possessive. A man who lets everyone know by his presence and actions that I am his and that he'll kill anyone who'll be stupid enough to come between us. A man who seems larger than life, who's very body consumes the air and energy of wherever he is. A man who takes control, will tell me what to do (well at least try because goodness knows I'm a little feisty) and try against all odds to bend me to his will. BUT also a man who is strong, protective, sensual and all encompassing. Isn't that the scariest wish? Do I really have the wish to lose what freedom I have and become what in my mind equates to a mindless drone? I guess it would seem that way because minutes after reading this last book, I would be the first line for that kind of relationship. But when I give it deeper thought, I don't think that's what these men truly are. I really think it has alot to do with intent. Are these men this way to gain power and to sit like a king of a throne, basking in superiority and control of his "chattel" , knowing that he can crush a person with his actions? Or are they this way because it is an ingrain driving force to protect at all cost, to do it in any way they see will be successful? Ok so maybe (as I read alot in the books I love) they're a little misguided (ok alot) and it takes the love of a good woman to show them that there is a word like compromise but there's another thing I clearly see. I see a love that is driving, that is passionate, that is a force to be reckoned with. I see men, who as powerful as they may think they are, have the least amount of power when compared to the women they love. It is the women that have the ability to bend the men to their will. The women who with a single glance, crook of their finger and sway of their hips can bring their men to their knees. And I have to tell you, that's sexy as hell. That kind of dynamic draws me in time and time again, that has me read the same "formula" found in many romance books and still be left wanting more. To desire that kind of relationship, despite what the world says, doesn't mean that you find yourself bound in chains, pottering around in some kitchen, kept at the beck and call of your "master" It means that you are loved and cherished beyond words, in a way that naturally flows into action and that comes from the very cell structure of the man who adores you. It is timeless, epic and hopefully not solely found in the pages of a romance novel. It is something worth searching and fighting for. And who am I fooling... with that kind of man you have to believe the sex would be scorching and undeniably earth shattering. What's listening to a few commands (you don't have to obey them because do men honestly think that you would?) if it means that you're with a man who scorches the panties right off you with that smoldering look and seductive smirk?

Look for the man that makes your heart stop and that steals your breath. The man that not only declares you are his but one who you forever hold as yours. Even if he's standing in front of a cave in all his barbaric glory. Me ? I'm wanted back at my cave. My husband's hungry and he has that look in his eye. Gosh I love my life :)

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