Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Amazon - Part Two

I received my parcel today and wanted to thank you for the terrific customer service you provided. I agree, going those extra 2000 miles really did provide me with the better book and from now on would appreciate it if all future book orders I place with you come from far away places. I will say this though, I was a little confused by the state my books arrived in. Did I accidently click the "please send my book without the dust cover" or was I wrong in assuming that when purchasing a brand new book that I would in fact get a brand new book. Was there a heating crisis in beautiful Baltimore that I missed, where each Amazon customer must donate a part of their book to heat the home of needy citizens. Because by all means, if it's a crisis, accept the dust cover (or whatever part of the book) of future books I order because heaven knows I don't need it. In fact, I have it on good authority that the last page of the book is especially good for providing that extra spark of heat. Please find enclosed random pages from all the books I own because I don't want to be accused of not supporting the "Heat Baltimore 2010" campaign. Thank you for bringing this important cause to my attention because if that's not the case, the real reason for my damn book coming without its damn dust cover is that your damn workers are so damn incompetent that they can't do a damn thing right. I don't want this damn book anymore and request you refund my damn money back. And damn you for making me say damn alot.

I don't thank you for your damn time
Damn well not sincerely

The damned pissed off Bookish Snob.


msboring said...

just a thought, but that particular book may not actually have a dust cover. i've seen some hardcover books that are "jacketless".

booksnob said...

Nope when I bought it at Walmart it had a dust jacket. Photo on Amazon also showed a dust jacket. I'm sticking to my "Heat Baltimore 2010" theory ;p

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