Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Attention All Walmart Personel : Arrogant Book Guy Taken Down By An Enraged Book Snob

Well it didn't really go down like that but if I had have given into the urge, that would have been a real announcement over the PA system. It's Tuesday, book release day, and stupid me (I know you'd think I'd learn) find myself in Walmart. My phone goes off, letting me know through my calendar that "Dark Flame" by Alyson Noel comes out and so without thinking I gravitate to the book section. Who do I see but my old nemesis - Ron. We stood there, looking at each other, silently evaluating what the other person will do. Do I go over there and deal with his crap or do I go about my merry way and come back when he's not there? Nope. I go over there. Maybe I'm itching for a fight. Maybe I want to look him in the eye when I tell him what a jerk he is. I size him up and he's sitting on a rolling seat, stocking the new releases. I look for that stupid list of his - the one he refuses to look at when you ask him if he has a book. No sign of the list. As I'm approaching I get excited because I see the book I want. Woohooo I don't have to deal with him and I don't have to wait forever for Amazon to send it to me. I head towards it and with just one look at Ron, I just KNEW it wasn't going to be that simple. Watching me approach, what does he do? He rolls his chair back and blocks the aisle and doesn't move. He saw me coming!! I just stare at him because really, did he just do what I saw him do? A flip switches in my brain and I'm calculating all the nearest exits! All those past experiences with him - of him being a jerk and not doing his job and all I wanted to do was let him know what the Book Snob was cooking. (rofl I had to put it in there because honestly - the Rock was hot) I wanted to take that chair and kick it out from under him or kick it hard where he'd go hurtling across the floor. I know, alittle extreme but the arrogancy of this guy. I wanted to ask him whether he was being an ass on purpose or whether he was just naturally gifted but alas, I showed restrain. I held my head up high, refused to be deterred, turned sidewise and reached over to get it. Not by choice (lol) but because standing behind me was a client from work and can you imagine that conversation - "So here's a new life skill for you to learn - when someone annoys you, talking calmly doesn't work. Walking away doesn't work. Take your foot and kick them hard. Here let me demonstrate that for you. See how I did that? Here let me show you again. Now you practice" Nope I wouldn't be able to get away with it. So Ron, you live to see yet another day. But trust me buddy your days are numbered because next time we cross paths and you pull that stunt, client or not, I just might lay the smackdown on your candy ... you know, what the Rock said. Mwahahaha

Note: I'm really not a violent person, honestly.

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