Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soulmates Or Just Wishful Thinking?

So I'm wondering. I'm half way through a new book and the two main characters have started throwing around the idea that they're soulmates and my first thought is "Whoa, in what universe do you think that the "relationship" you have makes you soul mates?" Maybe I'm a little misguided, maybe a little too romantic at heart but doesn't being someone's soulmate suggest that there is some deep connection? Some kind of pull towards each other that seems bigger than themselves? To me, before I can accept that a couple could be soulmates, I have to see some kind of proof, some kind of indication that they are destined to be together forever and that their love is truly eternal. Being soul mates means passion, that overwhelming feeling in your soul that you have found the person you can't live without. It's that tingling feeling, that knowing that comes from looking into the eyes of the one you love and seeing the other part of your soul. Being some one's soul mate is powerful, it's dynamic, it's all encompassing and at the same time with all that intensity comes that quiet whisper, that silent affirmation that you are indeed meant to be together. It moves you. It inspires you. It humbles you. It completes you. You are so in tune with each other that you can no longer tell where one of you begins and the other finishes. It is soul shaking. It is magical. So why should I believe the author of this book that her characters are soul mates when they don't spend alot of time with each other, there seems to be lukewarm chemistry and that it seemed to just "pop" into the guy's head during one of their rare kisses (which I'm afraid to say are pretty yawn worthy - I'm a total kiss fanatic. I have standards) With a declaration that you "feel" (because honestly when is love logical?) the person you "love" is your soulmate (and yes you at least should acknowledge it and even tell the other person), it should never be followed with "yes I think we are". How anti climatic is it - to hear the person you love make such a life altering statement and use the words "I think". Where once my heart would be racing with excitement, I'm reading a book where all I want to do is blow raspberries and tell the characters just how very sorry I am for them. I don't know. It just seems like it makes a mockery of the whole idea and belief of soulmates. Ultimately though I feel sad for the author. It makes me wonder whether they truly don't know what it means to find and be a soul mate or whether it's just poorly written. So now, for the second time this week I'm asking myself - do I really want to finish this book in the hopes that a miracle happens or do I put it together with my other reservations and call it a day. How do you contiue reading when you just don't believe the characters? Anyone have any advice?


Mary (The Sweet Bookshelf) said...

I'm a kiss fanatic as well. If a book doesn't have any romance in it, well I probably won't read it. It needs to be good romance too.

I was just reading a book where all it ever said was,"And then they kissed." or "And then her lips met his." Um....I NEED more than that! What were they feeling, did they like it even?!

I'd do some good reads investigation of the book. What were other people thinking? Does it get any better? If not, toss it! Give it away to the library. I have a few I haven't finished and I keep telling myself I'm going to go back to them, but I never do. What's the point?

booksnob said...

Wow. If I was reading that book I probably would have thrown it across the room in disgust. I agree what's the point of reading or even writing a romance novel if you skimp on the kissing. Isn't that like the fundamentals? What's wrong with being a little descriptive : "He took one look at her, her eyes smoldering with desire and in an instant he had crossed the room. With one hand in her hair and the other firmly around her waist, he lifted her to his body and backed her against the wall, hunger driving his arousal. She moaned into his mouth AS HER LIPS MET HIS..." Doesn't that sound better? lol I know I'd want to read more.

I'm always a little unsure when it comes to reading recommendations because there have been some books where people have thought it's mediorce (wow that doesn't look right) and I've taken the chance and loved it. What I would love to see is some sort of rating based on the intensity of those moments so people know they are getting a book that fits their level of comfortablility (I think I just made that up). Like what you said - how descritpive is it? Is the passionate moments summed up in three words? Do they read like a grocery list? Or are they hot and heavy with graphic sex? That's where I run into problems. The romance part sounds really good. The sexual tension, the passion, the attraction. But then it's filled with sex scenes so graphic (well in my mind) that I spend alot of time skimming. I don't know. I've been on a few bulletin boards where other readers have expressed the same need. It would certainly make things easier.

Anyway.. there's my ramble for the morning

msboring said...

I agree with you on the soulmate ideals. A person's soulmate is their other half... putting that "I think" in there... yeah, I'd totally have to thump him if a man ever said that to me! lol.

But see, I have a problem though, when I read, I have to know what happens. I have to know how the story ends, or it drives me nuts, so the only way that I would ever stop reading a book is if it was so boring that the book couldn't keep my attention (there was a stephan king book that was horrible. the guy was traveling across the desert for 3 chapters... nothing else happened. couldn't get past those 3 chapters and really didn't care what happened because of it. there really wasn't a story line up to that point). If I'm interested in the story line, I'll finish reading the book just so I know whether or not to be really ticked off at the author! lol.

booksnob said...

msboring (love the name :P)

I'm glad to see we suffer from the same weakness. I could be reading a book that is driving me nuts and if it's only a few pages in I have no problem closing it and putting it away. But if I've already invested time into the book, no matter HOW much I hate it, I will keep reading in the hopes that I either suddenly like it, have misunderstood something so of course I need to continue or in the hope that it suddenly gets better. I have to know what happens in the story and to the characters. I have that need for it to make sense. Sometimes I'm lucky and it gets better but most times it sucks no matter how much I read.