Monday, May 24, 2010

One More Day To Go !!

The time has finally come - Magic Bleeds by Illona Andrews is released tomorrow. Finally we find out just how well Kate's sexy dinner went with Curran, Lord of the Beasts. Things were really heating up between those two and it'll be interesting watching the sparks continue to fly. Personally, I'm hoping for alot of kissing because everybody knows it's all in how he kisses. Nothing's more delicious than the promise of a kiss from an Alpha Lion right? Well other than a vampire, demon, warlock, werewolve, fae .... ok how about I just include them all !! From what I've read of the previews and what I know from the previous books, it looks like it'll be an all nighter again when I get it. Here's the hiccup though - where am I going to get it. My local Walmart is soooooo (add a few more o's in there to REALLY emphasise it) unreliable when it comes to new releases. It'll be a miracle if they have it tomorrow so I might have to wait a miserable few days before Amazon will ship it to me. Watch me order it though and find it at Walmart a few days later. That happened with "The Queen of Song and Souls" by CL Wilson. After that fiasco I ended up with 3 copies and spent about $30 for a $8 book. So you can see my dilemma. Maybe the Book Gods will smile down on me and it'll be at Walmart. When I do get it though make sure to read my review :)

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Carol A Brown said...

there be some good growth, sounds like we are in for some good right here reading soon Belinda! Excited for you and thanks for the update now go finish the books.