Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally - he's here !!

So I'm sitting at my desk, book before me and I'm wondering why all of a sudden I have sweaty palms. I can't stop looking at my clock, counting down the minutes until I can rip it open and begin devouring every word. It's just a book right? Then his name gently whispers in my mind ... Dimitri and that explains EVERYTHING. For those of you living under a rock for the last 3 years, Dimitri Belikov is one of the greatest triumphs in literature bad boys (ok maybe an overexageration seeing there are millions of books out there but still - have you read him?)And knowing this, as much as I'm excited to start reading, longing for those delicious moments when I know he's going to make my toes curl, I'm also a little worried.
In the last book Dimitri was really coming into his element (I ADORE bad boys.. the eviler, sarcastic, hotter the better)and I'm PRAYING the author keeps him that way. Dimitri is the ultimate in the tall, dark, and smoldering and I'm going to seriously be annoyed if he's turned into this weak diminished character. (for example .. did you see what they did to Damon in Vampire Diaries season finale last week? Really.. Damon apologising? Sensitive? It was a tragedy) So I'm crossing my fingers here, holding my breath. Will this be another momentous occasion worthy of creating the Dimitri Belikov National Holiday? Or will this be another one of those moments where I throw the book across the room, cuss out the author and sink into a deep depression for a month ? We'll see.. 56 minutes and counting ...

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