Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart

It's been well over 24 hours since I finished "Spirit Bound" and I think it's only just now that I can find my voice. As I laid there, closing the book at 2am in the morning, I really did try to find the words to describe how I felt about the book. I tried REAL HARD and all I came up with was nothing but a feeling of being numb. I was speechless. If I didn't already love Dimitri by this book, I would have been falling down around his ankles begging him to love me. Wow. Double wow. It's a rare thing for a book to stir up so much emotion that I feel as though a freight train has hit me. At one point in the story I had to seriously put the book down and walk away because my heart couldn't stand the work out it was having. I was literally afraid to read a second more because my heart felt like it was breaking for Dimitri. Ok.. I admit, it was breaking a little for Rose too(I vaguely remember her being the main person in the story - joke!!) .. but seriously - it was Dimitri that killed me. He was magnificent !! This book was SOOO good and I dare you all to read it. Start from the beginning and see if you don't also fall in love with him. Now the question is - what the heck do I do now until the author releases the next book? Maybe I'll start a "We love Dimitri" support group. All donations are welcome.

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