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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cheesy Vampire Pick Up Lines: What Are Your Favorites?

I recently reread Last Wolf Standing (#7, The Mystic Wolves series) and snorted out loud over this scene between Vlad and Darcy at Club Suck. I've gone to my fair share of clubs and the pick lines I've received and heard always crack me up ... like do peeps REALLY think they work? #HelloCheesiness

Obviously this guy did - which leads me to my question for today: What's YOUR favorite pick up line - paranormal or real life? <<< I just snorted again ... to me, my Wolves ARE real! hahaha #FictionalLove

Here's the snippet from Last Wolf Standing where the line came from:
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“Is that bloodlust I’m sensing?” A deep baritone voice whispered in my ear. “Or is that just lust.” 
We’d only been there thirty minutes, waiting to see if the informant would come forward, and I’d already been hit on five times. I tried declining politely, not wanting to offend what might be a genuine attempt to connect with the opposite sex. But based solely on the sickly, over-powering cologne that clogged my nose, number six was about to strike out, hard. It was everything I could do not to gag.

“Now, come on, beautiful. I promise not to impale you . . . with a stake.” His hot breath fanned across my skin. He thought he was being smooth—flattering even. For a split second, I wondered whether he’d pee his pants if he knew exactly who I was—what I was.

“I wouldn’t waste your time,” I quietly answered, finally turning to look at him. It was just as I thought. Mr. Rico Suave all but dripped sleaze from his pores. “In fact, let me make a suggestion—kinda do you a favor. Go home. Learn how to talk to a lady.”

The ‘come hither’ look he’d failed to master disappeared when he realized that not only had he been refused, but that I’d also insulted him. “Listen, bitch, I don’t bust my ass all day at a boring job just to have some skank think she’s better than me.” When his posture changed to a more threatening one, it triggered my wolf.

“Hello, my friend,” Vlad said, squeezing the jerk’s shoulder hard enough to make him wince, despite his false bravado. “You need to excuse my cousin, here. She gets a little cranky when she hasn’t had enough blood.” Biting at the air, his hands formed into claws and he held the pose before bursting into laughter, the guy instantly joining in.

“Cool, man. I hear you. There are plenty other chicks who are worthy of the V-Man.” Casting me a derisive glare, he smirked.

“V-Man?” Vlad asked, his expression curious.

“Oh, yeah.” The guy extended his hand in introduction. “The name’s Vlad. As in Vlad the Impaler.”

If I had been drinking, I would’ve choked. “Vlad?” 

The fool snorted. “Too late, love. You refused. It’s not every woman who can say she rode the Vlad train.” The more he spoke, the more my cousin’s body shook with barely contained mirth. 

“Yet, somehow, I think I’ll live with my regret. Enjoy your evening.” Saluting him with my ice water, once again, I dismissed him. 

“You need to teach your cousin some manners, bro.” Vlad, or whoever the hell he was, frowned. “Wait, you didn’t tell me your name.”

“I know.” Gripping his shoulder again, the only Vlad that mattered nodded. “I’d move on if I were you.” There must’ve been a brush of compulsion in his comment because the guy’s eyes glazed over and then he was gone.

“Holy cow!” I exclaimed, letting out a loud breath.

“Exactly. I was worried if I didn’t interrupt the conversation, you would’ve broken every bone in the hand he touched you with.”

His over-exaggeration made me laugh. “I wouldn’t have gone that far. Although, I did consider changing him to a soprano.”

Vlad tipped his head back, enjoying my brutal honesty. “I can just see it now. ‘Hey, Zane. You’re going to need a clean-up crew at Club Suck. No, everything’s fine. Some guy pissed Darcy off so she ate him’.”

© Last Wolf Standing, Belinda Boring

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Signed Paperback Sale: No Need To Travel Back In Time!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Teaser Time: Bittersweet Symphony

One of the projects I'm currently working on is Bittersweet Symphony, #2 in the Damaged Souls series, and the continuation of Cooper and Caylee's story! I'm so in love with these characters ... they bring on ALL THE FEELS <3  #amwriting #sequel #squee #swoon 

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Review: Oracle of the Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish

Hello, everyone! Welcome to 2016!

One of the many exciting things I have planned for this year is expanding what I write reviews on. Books, whether it's reading or writing them, is just one facet of my life ... I'm an equal SQUEE opportunist so *insert drum roll here* I'm also going to share the products that I love!

First up, I'm completely addicted to oracle cards. Similar to tarot, oracle cards are beautifully designed messages designed to inspire, instruct, and motivate the person using them. Whether you enjoy them as something fun or as a way to get some extra guidance, I'm really enjoying discovering this new-to-me form of perspective.